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Mitsotakis to the Greek community: Greater than ever the interest for investments in Greece

"I believe that Greece is much stronger today than it was last decade," said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, speaking Friday morning at an event with members of the Greek community organized by The Hellenic Initiative in New York.

"In the last decade, we have always asked Europeans for support for rescue packages. We have always been obliged to comply with their reform guidelines. "For the first time we have our own plan for the future of the country", underlined Mr. Mitsotakis who described the transition from the era of memoranda to the plan "Greece 2.0" drawn up "by Greeks for Greeks", approved with absolute success by the EU, and "we are already receiving the first European funds to implement it", as he said, while referring to the prospects of the Greek economy, he added: "I have never seen such great interest in long-term investments in Greece". According to Mr. Mitsotakis, "this is a vote of confidence in the government, but mainly a vote of confidence in the Greek economy and the Greek people", as "the reason why people invest in Greece is not only related to the government". "We provide the framework, our role is to enable the creative energy of Greeks to express themselves," said Mr. Mitsotakis, who also referred to the upward revision of growth forecasts for 2021 from 3,6%. at 5,9%, noting that "I expect this growth to be even higher, but we prefer to be conservative in our estimates."

"Greece is stronger economically, but it is also stronger geopolitically. "We have built a network of strong alliances in a relatively volatile region of the world," he said. ten years. But we are also stronger in terms of "brand" Greece. "We are stronger in terms of something very important and that is the 'soft power' of Greece, the radiation it has abroad." He emphasized the reversal of the brain drain trend, saying: "We see young people who have left Greece in the last decade seeking to return to Greece to build a life in Greece, start a family in Greece and connect their business. their future with the future of the country. And that is very encouraging for me personally and it gives us, honestly, the energy and the courage to continue on this path. "

Apostolos Chondropoulos


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