#My_Piraeus photography exhibition

Amateur photographers capture the essence of the port city of Piraeus in upcoming show curated by Greek Instagramers Events

The yellow Patsiadis mansion, once part of Ernst Ziller’s “neighborhood of mansions” built in the late 19th century, stands proudly where it’s always been, surrounded by traffic light trails, seemingly the only steady object in a nighttime shot from Alexandra’s Square. The shot captures part of the soul of the city of Piraeus; an ever-changing city with its history written on its sleeve, for the few visitors who know to stop and look.

In another shot, an older woman feeds the pigeons by the shore near the Koumoundourou islet. A timeless scene, she looks back at the camera surprised, as if the photographer were a time traveler, appearing from 2021 with his smartphone to shoot her many decades ago.

The latest photography exhibition organized by the Greek Instagramers Events community, #My_Piraeus, features a kaleidoscopic selection of photos of the city of Piraeus, Greece’s vital port city that’s so often overlooked as a destination. Organized in cooperation with the Municipality of Piraeus and Destination Piraeus as part of the “Imeres Thalassas” (Sea Days) festival, the 105 photos on display were selected from 1,400 contributions sent in for a competition announced by the community on their social media channels in the spring.

The Greek Instagramers Events community, founded in 2013 as a way for Greek amateur photographers to connect over social media and share images fro