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Mykonos Airport to Take Name of Greek Revolutionary Heroine

Municipality of Mykonos

The airport on the Greek island of Mykonos will be renamed to “Manto Mavrogenous” in honor of the heroine of the Greek War of Independence, according to a decision of the Greek Transport Ministry.

“Manto Mavrogenous was a great heroine of the Greek revolution… For many reasons, history has kept a low profile for her, underestimating and silencing her great contribution,” an announcement by the Municipality of Mykonos said.

According to the announcement, the municipality had requested for the island’s airport to be named after the heroine in March 2021 on the occasion of the 200th anniversary after the beginning of the Greek revolution for independence, “as a minimum tribute to the great fighter who pioneered during the historical events” and is intertwined with the island’s local history.

The central square in the main town of Mykonos bears the name of Manto Mavrogenous and contains a bust of her.

“By adding her name to Mykonos Airport is a small gesture but one that has great symbolism today, for the position of women and the role of individual responsibility and contribution to civil societies that fight for their values,” the municipality said.

On his part, Mykonos Mayor Konstantinos Koukas applauded the fact that the island’s heroine will now be known around the world and the destination’s rich local history and unique traditions will be promoted.

Municipality of Mykonos

“Our firm position is to preserve and promote cultural identity which is a basic condition for sustainable development…

Mykonos is a destination that can simultaneously offer a landscape of unique beauty, a journey through history and a hospitality experience unique in the whole world…

Manto Mavrogenous will continue to embody the values ​​of freedom and self-determination of the peoples as well as the equal promotion of the offer of women in history,” Mayor Koukas said.


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