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New fire overnight at Keratea – Flares fired into the forest

With the fire in Vilia not extinguished, another fire in Lavreotiki sounded the alarm in the early hours of Friday, but fortunately with a happy ending.

The fire reached a breath from a settlement that fortunately was not in danger, with the mayor of Lavreotiki reporting an arson after a flare.

Evacuation order via 112

In particular, the fire broke out at 02:00 in the early morning in low vegetation near houses in Daskalio Keratea. Immediately there was a great mobilization by the residents and the Fire Department.

Due to the dangerous situation, according to public broadcaster ERT, a warning was given for a precautionary evacuation via the message from 112. However, people did not have to leave, as fortunately the fire was dealt with before it spread.

It has been demarcated and strong firefighting forces remained on the spot until the fire was completely extinguished and there were no re-ignitions.

Complaint for arson by flare throwing

The mayor of Lavreotiki, Dimitris Loukas, speaking to ERT, reported an arson attack by flares fired by persons unknown on the slope, stating that there are testimonies of residents who recorded what they saw in a video documentary.

“There are testimonies and videos of two flares being fired from a pistol towards the slope of the mountain on 02.05. The fire spread quickly due to the winds towards the houses, fortunately there were roads around and with great effort it was dealt with in time before it got away” said the mayor of Keratea, adding that eyewitnesses, who were at that time on the beach at a distance of 150 meters, recorded video flares and flames.

“And we wonder if it was arson or not, but we understand that children would not go to play in the night,” said Dimitris Loukas, emphasizing that, if the fire got away, there is a settlement next to it that is literally within the pines and things would be very difficult .

“Because the fire was very dangerous, a message from 112 was sent to the residents of that area, as a precaution, and two buses were provided to transport people if necessary. “Finally we caught up,” he added, adding that two vehicles with two passengers, each moving in the area for no reason, were also spotted. The details of the plates are at the disposal of the authorities and will be checked.


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