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Northern Epirus: Albanians stole the bones of Greek WWII soldiers!

One more incident of the “velvet ethnic cleansing” the Greek minority of Albania is subjected to Albanians looted the grave of three Greek WWII soldiers in the village of Vodino in the Northern Epirus at the southern part of Albania and stole their bones.

The incident was noticed last Saturday and has upset the Greeks in the area. The case is being investigated by the Argyrokastro Prosecutor’s Office, but there is no official announcement so far.

There are two theories about what happened: The first is that this is the work of criminals seeking “ransom” for the return of the bones, which is however, not very likely. The second is that this is the action of Albanian nationalists who react to the presence of Greek cemeteries of the Greek-Italian War 1940-1941 in the Northern Epirus.


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