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Operators envision public transport improvements

In relative terms, Greece boosted its public transport fleet more than any other European country during the pandemic, while also increasing its urban transport routes, according to the president of Attica’s bus and trolley bus operator (OSY), Vassilis Xypolytas.

“In Athens, there are 50% more vehicles compared to 2019, while on a daily basis, 3,000 more routes are serviced (excluding the summer season),” he said.

In addition, the announcement of a tender for the acquisition of some 1,300 vehicles is expected in the near future. Initially, 800 buses will be procured, of which about 300 will be electric, 300 will use natural gas and the rest will be hybrid.

The competition for electric buses will be announced in September, with the aim of launching the first electric buses in Athens within 2022. Authorities are considering the installation of a network of vehicle chargers on bus routes.


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