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Over 60% surveyed believe government decision to send weapons to Ukraine weakens Greece’s position

The Greek people, as shown by poll data collected by the Alpha television station, gave their opinion on a matter of subjects, including the government’s decision to send weapons to Ukraine.

Specifically, 62% see things will become difficult for Greece for sending weapons to Ukraine, while 67% see the deterioration of Greek-Russian relations, something made clear by the official spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Minister, Maria Zakharova.

For the war in Ukraine, 53% believe that it will have a negative effect on Greece’s position with Turkey as the crisis favours the latter.

The survey was conducted between March 2 and 8 and had the participation of 1,026 people.

War in Ukraine

For the war in Ukraine, 53% believe that it will have a negative effect on Greece’s position with Turkey. 29% say that there may be a negative effect, 17% disagree, while 3% did not answer.

On whether Greek-Russian relations will deteriorate: 67% said yes, 22% maybe, 10% no, 1% did not answer.

Regarding the shipment of military equipment to Ukraine from Greece: 62% say that it will make Greece’s position difficult, 27% said it will help Greece’s position, 9% claim that neither of the two, and 3% did not answer.

Everyday life

When asked what the most important problems in life were: 17% said COVID-19, 48% said economy, 1% said none is important, and 33% said equally important both.

How will everyday life be in the next 12 months: Worse 59%, 25% the same, 13% better.

How should the government deal with the economy: 44% VAT reduction on basic necessities, 32% increase in minimum wage, 5% reinstatement of social energy tariffs, 4% emergency allowance, 9% fuel and bread ceiling, and 6% other.

It is recalled that another poll on by Interview on behalf of Politic, one in two Greeks (51%) are in favour of the Ukrainian side, 34% do not support any camp, while 15% support Russia.

The sympathy of the Greeks for the Ukrainian people is also evident, seen from the fact that the sanctions imposed on Russia are approved by the majority (63%) of the respondents.

The overwhelming majority of Greeks (83%) are in favour of allowing 12-month residence and work permit for refugees from Ukraine.


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