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Papadimoulis re-elected European Parliament vice-president

Dimitris Papadimoulis, leader of Syriza’s delegation to the European Parliament, was elected Tuesday as one of the body’s 14 vice-presidents of the for the fourth time.

Papadimoulis, whose candidacy was proposed by The Left group of MEP’s, got 492 votes out of 658.

The bureau of the European Parliament is elected for two-and-a-half year terms. The present term will end in June 2024.

Papadimoulis, 66, has been an MEP since July 2014 and also served between 2004-9. He was a deputy to the Greek Parliament from 2009-14.

“I warmly thank the MEPs who honored me again with their confidence, with a large majority, from a wide political spectrum,” Papadimoulis said. “I am particularly pleased because two of the 14 vice presidents are from Greece. I congratulate Eva Kaili for her election and I look forward to a constructive cooperation for the good of our country. For the next 2.5 years I will continue to represent in the Bureau of the European Parliament both the European Left and, of course, my homeland Greece. For a stronger European Parliament. For a more united, democratic, social and ecological Europe. With more transparency, democracy and solidarity and less inequality,” he added.


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