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PM ‘pessimistic’ on Cyprus issue; Greece to defend sovereignty

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said he was “pessimistic” on finding a solution on the Cyprus issue, noting Turkey’s continued violation of the island-nation’s sovereignty through its exploratory drilling and Ankara’s support for a two-state solution, during his address at the 76th UN General Assembly in New York on Friday.

“What I am pessimistic about is the Cyprus issue. Turkey continues to violate the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus,” he said.

“We will continue, together with the Secretary-General of the UN, the fight for a mutual solution of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation. Any discussion about two states is unacceptable.”

Greece has always been committed to international law, Mitsotakis continued. “However, since 1995 Greece has been living under the threat of casus belli,” he said, referring to the 1995 declaration by the Turkey Parliament that if Greece extends its territorial water to12 nautical miles, this would constitute a cause for war.

“We will continue to protect our national sovereignty, by land, sea and air,” he added, while noting that Greece and Turkey have to find a working bilateral relationship.


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