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Police investigates websites offering “legal protection against Covid-measures” to anti-vaxxers

Minister of Citizens’ Protection Takis Theodorikakos ordered an investigation into websites and social media accounts that spread fake information about the pandemic and offer fake legal advise to anti-vaxxers in exchange for money.

The investigation order was sent to the head of the police’s Department for Electronic Crime, Vassilis Papakostas, with instructions for all findings concerning specific social media pages and groups who are suspected of disseminating information that may pose a risk to public health to be forwarded to a prosecutor.

“We need to investigate who is hiding behind these websites,” the minister told Ant1 TV on Saturday morning.

Theorodirakos mentioned a specific scam claiming to offer legal advise and protection to anyone who does not want to comply with the protection measures against the pandemic.

The scammers reportedly urge pandemic- and vaccination-deniers to submit documents claiming that they do not recognize the state authority and other nonsense at a fee starting from 20 euros.

The father in Thessaloniki who recently got involved into an incident with a school director refusing to send his son to school with a mask and a self test as the rules provide, was fined with 300 euros for not wearing a mask and 15 days suspended prison sentence. He had also claimed to have filed against the director demanding 2,7 million euros compensation.

There is apparently also a “movement” calling itself “indigenous Greeks” and claiming to have 3,500 members.

Alpha TV reported on Saturday evening that police has already located two of such scam websites as well as a few account of social media and is seeking to identify the persons behind them.


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