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President of the Greek Football Federation Zagorakis resigns

Thodoris Zagorakis has resigned from the post of President of the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO). Just a few months after taking office, the former leader of the 2004 Greek National football team and MEP of New Democracy is preparing to leave the presidency of the Hellenic Football Federation.

According to sources, he is not going to stay in Athens, nor attend the match between the National team and Sweden for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, as he will return to Thessaloniki, while his official position is expected, through a written statement.

The reasons that led Zagorakis to this decision have not yet become known. Sources state that his voluntary departure from the federation is not connected with the case of Aris and the deduction of the six points from the new season.

Sources say that Zagorakis was convinced that after five months in the presidency of the EPO he could not rule effectively based on what the Big4 had committed against him.


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