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Reds are the undisputed queens of women’s water polo in Europe

The women’s water polo team of Olympiakos is now the undisputed dominator of Europe, as on Saturday it added the LEN Super Cup to the Euroleague trophy it had won a few months earlier.

Olympiakos secured its second Super Cup with a 14-11 win over Kinef Kirishi in the trophy game that took place in Piraeus.

The Russian team advanced 4-2 and 6-4, but the Reds fought back to take a 12-8 lead that Kinef could do nothing about.

This was the fifth European trophy in the history of Olympiakos in women’s water polo, after the 2014 LEN Trophy, the 2015 Euroleague and Super Cup and this year’s Euroleague.

“We are absolutely happy, we won everything in this season. This is the fifth trophy for this team in 2021, and I am very grateful for this for our supporters, our president, our fans,”said Olympiakos coach Haris Pavlidis.

“I see a great potential in this team, and I hope we can go on to have more success in the future,” he added.


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