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Royal Navy's frigate 'HMS Kent' docked at port of Piraeus

Journalists were given a tour of "HMS Kent" frigate of the UK's Royal Navy at Piraeus port on Wednesday. "The presence of HMS Kent at Piraeus highlights the close maritime relationship between Greece and Great Britain," said UK Ambassador to Greece Kate Smith during a presentation on board.

The frigate is part of the fleet of vessels that accompany British aircraft carrier "Queen Elizabeth", which is currently located in the Eastern Mediterranean, added Smith. The fleet accompanying the aircraft carrier includes 9 warships and 32 aircraft.

HMS Kent is the frigate proposed by Great Britain as an intermediate solution for the Greek Navy's procurement program. "The British proposal," underlined Smith, "meets all the requirements of the Greek Navy and will revitalize the Greek industry, contributing to the recovery of the Greek economy with many jobs."

Also present at the event was Business Development Consultant of Babcock Marine & Technology Jonathan Walton, who presented details of the British proposal, which includes building 4 new frigates for Greece at Greek shipyards, noted Walton.


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