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Rumours circulating that Hollywood star will film movie in Greece

Rumours are circulating in northern Greece that Hollywood superstar Robert De Niro will be starring in a movie after reports that all necessary permits for the production of the it have already been issued.

According to reports, after extensive scouting by the film’s producers, a number of well-known and lesser-known corners of Drama in East Macedonia are being transformed into a filming location.

“The production company of this film initially approached the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, in order to look at specific areas, which may have been of interest to its director,” said the president of the Peripheral Council of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Christos Papatheodorou.

“It is an action film that, as we have been informed, will be related to a former convict, a film that requires specific licenses, which have all moved forward,” he said.

According to Papatheodorou, such a production will involve the local population and professionals of the city of Drama and beyond.

He said that there is a serious possibility that a Hollywood mega-star could be cast in the leading role of the movie.

“We have heard that the film will feature -among others- the famous actor Robert De Niro, news that has circulated in the local community and, of course, has excited the people of Drama – and not only,” the councillor said.

“The required permits were deemed necessary to proceed quickly by the competent ministries, so that it is possible to shoot even scenes with special effects and explosions, without any burden on the natural environment,” he added.

As Papatheodorou explained, production executives of the film have, as well cinematographers arrived in the municipalities of Prosotsani, Drama, and Paranesti,

According to him, the film is “completely ready to start its production in terms of licensing and in terms of permits by all co-responsible ministries.”

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the shooting was postponed until a few days after the initial start time.

Natural “scenes”

In these areas, the focus, according to Proto Thema, is on the cave of Aggitis, which “the production team was especially excited as a site with its natural characteristics.”

They were also interested in the building of the Tobacco Institute of Drama, a structure of special architectural value within walking distance from the urban fabric of the city, in which external and internal scenes are expected to be shot.

It is also an external location near the mountain and the Paranesti bridge, paths and natural landscapes, which can be used for a variety of shooting.


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