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School teacher in Preveza arrested for allegedly showing nude photos of himself to students

Preveza was shocked by the arrest of a 63-year-old teacher who allegedly showed obscene photos from his mobile phone to primary school children of the village where he teaches.

The teacher was talking to the school children during the break and was willing to show them various landscape photos from his mobile phone.

However, it seems that one of them had obscene content, as a result of which the children were shocked.

When they finished, one of the students informed her parents about the incident and they hurried to report it to the police.

Men from the local police department located the teacher on Wednesday and handcuffed him, following a lawsuit filed by the student’s parents.

The teacher was taken to the Public Prosecutor of Preveza with the case file that was formed against him for insulting sexual dignity.

According to him, he did not intend to show the photo with the obscene content to the minor children.

The Directorate of Primary Education was informed about the incident, which will call the 63-year-old for explanations.


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