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“Sea snot” from Marmara reached northern Aegean islands, authorities on alert

Τhe “sea snot” from the sea of Marmara has moved into the Aegean Sea and started appearing around the Greek islands of Limnos and Agios Eftratios, Greek media report on Thursday.

The Municipality of Limnos has reportedly taken samples from the slimy masses and sent them to special laboratories awaiting the results, the Shipping and the Environment ministries are on alert fearing an unprecedented pollution.

According to local media, the phenomenon has started a few days ago off the south beaches of the island of Limnos and in some areas it has even reached the shore.

Locals report of a viscous liquid substance on the surface of the sea, that has a yellowish color when it is dense. They say that it has no odor, but the thick floating substance is “gross.”

The phenomenon of the thick swathes of marine mucilage, also known as ‘sea snot’ because of its slimy texture, is being monitored by the Fisheries Research Institute on behalf of the Greek Environment Ministry..

The phenomenon is caused by a nutrient overload in algae resulting from pollution and high temperatures.

‘It forms every so often but usually dissipates after a while. This is the first time in a decade we have seen so much,’ Stavros Stathakis, vice president of the association of fishermen on Limnos, said, warning that the sludge is hampering fishing and also putting off tourists.

So far, there has been no official statement on the issue.


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