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Snow and below zero temperatures expected in Greece (videos)

Greece will experience bitter cold as strong north winds are forecast over the next few days. According to the meteorologists, there will be snowfall at the weekend even at low altitudes in Evia, Magnesia, Central Greece, Attica, and Peloponnese.

As the meteorological predictions show even Attica will see snow at the weekend in Athens and specifically in the Northern Suburbs, such as Gerakas, Agia Paraskevi. By the end of the week, the temperature will drop 5-6 ° C below the normal levels for the season.

As early as Monday night, the first snowflakes appeared in Parnitha, while heavy snow is falling in Evia.

The invasion of the cold front in Greece is underway, with several areas recording extremely low temperatures, while today in Attica local rains and temporary snowfall are expected in the surrounding mountains with the phenomena expected to abate from the afternoon.


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