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Sports stadiums to reopen at 80% capacity for fully vaccinated

Adult spectators may soon return to stadiums to watch games as long as they are vaccinated and all wear masks without exception, the Sports Ministry revealed on Thursday.

Minors who are not eligible for vaccination may also attend, as long as their numbers do not exceed 5% of the venue’s permissible capacity.

Following the approval of the national health committee, adult spectators will be obliged to show a vaccination certificate when purchasing an electronic ticket, while minors be required to show a negative PCR or rapid test result.

At facilities without an electronic ticketing system, proof of vaccination or test results will be required at the door.

Open-air facilities may reopen at 80% capacity (or a maximum 25,000 people) while closed facilities may seat up to 60% capacity (or a maximum 3,000 people).

A further announced in the coming days will reveal when the new measures go into effect.

In addition, the committee approved a health protocol for the Athens Half Marathon (12 September) on the condition that only fully vaccinated athletes be allowed register.


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