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Stavroula shot dead with hunting rifle

A 47-year-old woman was shot dead by a neighbor inside her business store in Panormo, Rethymno, on Sunday. After shooting at the woman with a hunting rifle, the 49year-old perpetrator fled and he was later found to have shot himself in the head.

Stavroula is the eight victim of femicide in Greece and the second on Crete in 2021.

The perpetrator, who has a tavern nearby, was quickly identified by police.

He was taken to the hospital, where he underwent a jaw surgery. His health condition is critical but stable, local media report.

An Austrian tourist was slightly injured in the hand during the shooting in the victim’s business, state broadcaster ERT reported on Monday. The tourist who is also an eye-witness is reportedly still in heavy shock.

Stavoula was a mother of two and owner of a fish spa in Panormos.

The perpetrator entered the fish spa and reportedly shot her in the back. Stavroula was immediately dead.

It is still unclear whether victim and murderer were involved in an affair.

Some posts on social media claim that she broke with him a year ago and that she had complained to police that she was receiving threats by the man who ultimately took her life.

Her friends reportedly say they cannot believe that she had an affair with the perpetrator. They consider it as more likely that she had turned down his offers for an affair.

Local media alleged an “erotic motive” for the crime.

Police investigates the crime and evaluates also footage from surveillance camera to see what preceded the shooting.

So far, local police refrained from confirming that claims that the victim had complained about the man who murdered her.

According to local media, members of the family of the victim in outrage went and broke down everything in the perpetrator’s tavern on Sunday.

The list of the femicide victims in Greece is getting longer lately…


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