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Stefanos Tsitsipas reveals in which area Nick Kyrgios is the GOAT

World No. 4 Stefanos Tsitsipas says Nick Kyrgios is the GOAT when it comes to the tweener shot.

Greek Australian Nick Kyrgios, 26, is one of the most talented tennis players on the Tour and no player hits the tweener shot better than the champion Australian.

Kyrgios sometimes decides to go for a tweener shot even when there is no need for him to hit that specific shot. “Nick Kyrgios [is the GOAT of the tweener]. I have had a few successful ones in practice, where I hit a winner out of a tweener.

But unfortunately i haven’t been able to produce that in a match yet,” Tsitsipas told We Are Tennis. “But one day, I am pretty sure I will.”

Roger Federer is the player that impresses in many ways but no one was prepared for the comment that Stefanos Tsitsipas made about the Swiss. Federer has always been known as one of the classiest and most elegant players on the Tour.

Federer is a pure class and he has the “elegant vibe” that follows him. Tsitsipas, ranked at No. 4 in the world, says no player smashes the racket better than Federer. “The most beautiful person that smashes rackets, and he hasn’t done that a lot in his career, but in terms of finesse when he does it, is Roger Federer,” Tsitsipas said.

“No other player knows how to break a racket the way Roger does.”

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