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Stelios Prassas, at 90 years of age, finishes 38. Athens Authentic Marathon

With 90 years on his shoulders but feet as light as wings, Stelios Prassas is the oldest athlete who finished the 38. Athens Marathon on Sunday. His grandchildren and his family were waiting for him at the Panathinaic Staidum and cheered when the oldest participatant arrived at the Finish. Together with his grandchildren he made the last few steps.

“I was very happy. As soon as I ran the first kilometers, people applauded me and I rejoiced. It is the only thing that gives us great joy and gives us great vitality to be able to run and finish ” Prassas told media.

The veteran footballer was 59 years old, when other prepare for retirement. It was a neighbor, a runner, who encouraged him to run with him. He loved the marathon sports and never stopped ever since.

He has run several marathons in Greece and in 20 other countries.

“I go as my heart tells me and as my body tells me. With every new down I love life very much. I live it. Life is beautiful because we are passersby.” Prasses is being quoted by state-broadcaster ERT.

Exercise, good nutrition and sleep are the secrets of his success. Body and mind training every day. At every finish his family waits cheering. Moments are a gift from God, he says, and every conversation with him ζωής life lesson.

Stelios Prassas will keep running as long as his body and his heat tell him.


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