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Stricter health measures should have been implemented before holidays, Syriza MP says

The government's reflexes are "irresponsible and dangerous to public health," SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance MP Andreas Xanthos said in an interview on Monday.

Speaking to Real FM radio on the government's expected measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections in large indoor venues for entertainment, sports, work, or mass transport, he said they should have been implemented a long time ago instead of after the Christmas/New Year holiday season. (The government said it would announce the measures to go into effect after New Year's on Monday afternoon.)

Xanthos, a former health minister and head of Syriza's health division, said that some of the measures that need immediate implementation include a red alert in the entire country over the infection spread instead of complacence; stricter health protocols immediately; acceleration of vaccination rates, especially the booster shot; good contact tracing of infections by free rapid tests for all; immediate access to medical help instead of underestimating symptoms; an emergency plan to requisition private clinics and use military hospitals to support the National Health Plan; and use of new medical breakthrough medication effective with coronavirus' Omicron variant to support people's recovery, in addition to vaccinations.


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