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SYRIZA leader Tsipras says PM Mitsotakis must explain what went wrong with the fires_(video)

"It was provocative that for 55 minutes on this podium, [Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis] showed through his attitude, positions and manner that he has understood nothing at all. It causes sadness once again that, in the face of a tragedy that has shocked us all, he has chosen the path of communication, concealment, hypocrisy, absenteeism, and to transfer his grave responsibilities," main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Alexis Tsipras said on Wednesday, during the parliamentary debate on the fires in Greece.

He asked us to point out where the mistake was made and so he took back the false apology he made to the Greek people at the time of the disaster. "If the prime minister of the country comes to the floor of Parliament after 15 days and wonders if something went wrong and asks us to point it out to him, then why did he apologize?"

He noted that "there is a need for mourning, despair, anger, to become a force of hope, rebirth, reconstruction and a new beginning."

Tsipras stressed that without the witch hunts "that Mr. Mitsotakis resorted to so easily from the seats of the opposition," there must be an answer on what and who was to blame for the fact that over 130 thousand hectares of forest were burnt to ashes and animals, houses, property destroyed. He stressed that this was not answered by the prime minister, but must be answered, "because without this, our political system will simply be preparing for the next tragedy."


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