Ten Marathons in Total in 10 Days! The biggest stage race in Greece

Two hundred years after the start of the Greek revolution, a handful of ultramarathon runners, a small group of people, ran and followed the paths of great Greek heroes like Kolokotronis, Nikitaras, Papaflessas, Mavromichalis, Ypsilantis, Papatsonis, and Mitropetrovas.

Run Messinia was an event that received a lot of love from the people of Messinia, Laconia and Arcadia, the help needed from those who believed in this vision from the local government and the support from sponsors so that it could be carried out in this important year for the Greek nation.

For the first time after many years, the historical monuments of the 1821 Greek revolution in Messinia came to life all together and became the starting and end points in some of the routes of Run For Freedom.

Runners probably experienced the conditions that our Greek ancestors experienced many years ago. Sun, heat, rain, cold, wind, frost were just some of the “ insignificant” things our team encountered. The important ones are the monuments that saw the light of day and the union of all of them in a unique event that combined sports, tourism and culture with the Greek History.