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The citizens of which countries show the greatest demand

The Cyclades, the center of Athens, the Southern Suburbs of Athens, Halkidiki and the suburbs of Thessaloniki the 5 most popular areas

New trends in demand from abroad to buy real estate are being seen for the summer of 2021, according to SDI demand index, which is formed by the volume of searches on the real estate classifieds of Spitogatos website.

Specifically, the country with the largest increase in demand for properties for sale in Greece, compared to the corresponding period last year, is Spain with an increase of 323%.

At the same time, countries with large Greek expat populations such as Germany and the USA are returning to the forefront with demand from these countries increasing by 70% and 20% respectively.

Canada also has a significant increase in demand compared to 2020.

The most popular areas

But where do foreigners look for homes to buy? The 5 most popular areas for these users of the Spitogatos platform are the Cyclades, the center of Athens, the Southern Suburbs of Athens, Halkidiki, and the suburbs of Thessaloniki.

Delving deeper into the statistics of each region, the 5 islands in which foreigners are looking for properties for sale are Naxos, Paros, Mykonos, Santorini and Syros, while in Athens, these interested parties are looking toward Kolonaki-Lycabettus area, the historical center of Athens, Pagrati, Ampelokipi, and Kypseli.

Finally, the majority of potential buyers from abroad looking for a property in the North, are interested in the center of Thessaloniki, Toumpa, the areas Analipsi-Mpotsari-Nea Paralia and Faliro-Ippokratio, as well as Ano Polis, while in Halkidiki the 5 most popular areas are Kassandra, Sithonia, Kallikratia, Pallini, and Moudania.

China’s absence from the top10 is noteworthy

“This year, we are seeing a large increase in traffic on our web sites and applications from abroad, compared to 2020 and previous years.” notes the Spitogatos CEO Dimitris Melachrinos.

“It seems that countries with traditional interest in Greek real estate remain at the top of the search list, some even showing strong annual growth such as Germany. On the other hand, China’s absence from the top10 is remarkable. We expect all this intense interest to lead to an increase in transactions.”


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