The entire island of Cyprus should be handed over to Turkey says Turkish Cypriot leader

‘We all know that they [Greek Cypriots] tried in a sly manner to take Cyprus from our hands,’Ersin Tatar said, trumpeting the existence of the breakaway “TRNC, which only Turkey recognises.

Until now, Ankara and Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar have undermined UN-led efforts to reach a Cyprus settlement with demands for a two-state solution – the Republic of Cyprus and a breakaway state in Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus led by Ersin Tatar, who is essentially a puppet of Ankara. That has created a huge obstacle for the start of substantial settlement talks as the two sides for 45 years have been conducting talks under UN auspices based on the agreement between both sides that the objective of negotiations is the creation of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation.

The UN, the EU, and Russia have flatly rejected any such prospect and firmly support the UN framework.

Now, Tatar is ratcheting up tensions with a declaration, at a conference on the Aegean at a university in Izmir, with the claim that Turkey is the legitimate owner of the entire island and that it should have been handed over to the Ottoman Empire or its successor state, the Republic of Turkey, as Cyprus’ Sigmalive news outlet has reported.

Tatar declared that the military presence of Turkey, which maintains about 40,000 troops in the occupied part of the island, must continue because it brought peace after the 1974 Turkish invasion, which made about 200,000 Greek-Cypriots refugees in their own land as there was effectively ethnic cleansing in the north.