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The Greek island with the 235 Churches you must visit

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Greece has been blessed to be sprinkled with hundreds of islands around its shores, with each offering visitors something unique.

Some are known for their breathtaking landscape and natural beauty, others for their rich culture and history leaving tourists impressed and wanting more.

Located in the Cyclades, Sifnos is famous for its 235 churches. It is one of the most beautiful and characteristic islands of the Cycladic complex.

It offers a typical Cycladic landscape, with mountainous settlements adorned with whitewashed houses with traditional Cycladic architecture. A barren nature that looks like strewn with golden leaves under the summer sun. Its beaches, wide, sandy, with calm and shallow waters, small bays, with pebbles shining under each wave are sublime. What makes Sifnos special, of course, is its many churches.

It has a total of 235 churches (some say there are more) scattered throughout the island. Like the churches, the monasteries are closely connected with the history and tradition of Greece. Some of the churches and monasteries of Sifnos that have been characterised as historical monuments are: Panagia Aggeloktisti in Katavati, Monastery of the Prophet Elias of Psilo, Monastery of Chrysostom in Kato Petali., Panagia ta Gournia in Pano Petapali, Agios An. Petali, Agios Konstantinos in Artemonas, Panagia tis Ammou and Panagia Kohgi in Artemonas, Panagia Eleousa in the castle, Panagia Poulatis Monastery, Panagia tou Vouno, Chrysopigi Monastery.

Afternoons on the island accentuate its captivating Cycladic beauty. You will stroll through the labyrinthine cobbled streets and enjoy a unique view of the sunset. What will also impress you on this small Greek island, apart from the churches, are the many ancient towers you will come across. They were built from the 6th to the 3rd century BC for reasons of communication of the ancient citadels.

Of these, Aspros Pyrgos is the one most well-preserved, which you will see heading to the settlement of Platy Gialos. You should also definitely make a stop at the settlement of Artemonas, famous for its old mansions with stone fences and impressive flowers. There, it is definitely worth taking a stroll in the cobbled streets where you will see the largest windmill on the island, which is well maintained. The view of the Aegean from there is unbelievable.

Sifnos is for those who want to go off the trodden path, an island ideal for alternative holidays that offer you the peace you want without missing anything in beauty and facilities…


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