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Three arrested over boy’s electrocution in Zakynthos

Greek police has arrested three people in connection with the electrocution of a boy on the island of Zakynthos last Saturday (Aug. 21).

According to media reports, the boy suffered an electric shock and died after coming in contact with the exposed wiring of the central air conditioning unit of a hotel near his home at the village of Tsilivi, at the northeastern coast of the island, where he was playing hide and seek with his friends.

There were mixed reports about the boy’s age, with some media saying he was 9 while others stating he was 12.

Zakynthos’ Police Department arrested the owner of the hotel, the responsible electrician and the air conditioner’s technician.

The boy’s body will be transferred on Monday to the forensic service of Patras where an autopsy will determine the exact cause of death.

“He went to play, our boy left for five minutes,” the victim’s father told Mega TV on Monday, adding that the boy played there often. He also said that the air conditioning unit’s wiring “was exposed…and the boy tried to hide there and it touched his body.”


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