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Top 5 Universities In Greece You Should Know About

Europe is the heart of many, many wonderful universities in the world. Some countries were and have continued to be centers of scholarship, attracting students from all over the world every year. One country in the continent is Greece which despite the recent economic slowdown remains a common choice among many international students.

There are too many universities in the country to explore. Almost all of them are public universities. Many programs are instructed in the local language, though there are quite a few programs administered in English. Along with these universities, you can also consider higher educational institutes that focus on imparting technical skills to students. Overall, the Greek Higher Education system is very good and has been performing consistently well on international rankings. Since we are on this topic, it should be apt to know a bit about the universities here.

We have listed down 5 of them for your reference:

  1. National Technical University of Athens One of the highest-ranked universities in Greece, the National Technical University of Athens was founded way back in the early 19th century. Formerly called the Royal School of Arts, it was established with the view to strengthening the engineering sector in the country. Presently, there are 9 academic schools in its organizational structure, and these include those for engineering, applied sciences, architecture, Marine Engineering, and Electrical and Chemical Engineering. It has collaborated with many international organizations to boost its academic and research profile such as the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering, Education and Research and Top Industrial Managers Group.

  2. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Commonly known as the University of Athens, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens was established in the year 1837 and is presently the oldest higher education institution in the country. Its academic organization comprises an array of faculties, departments, and schools, and includes the School of Health Sciences, School of Theology, School of Physical Education and Sports Science, and School of Economics and Political Sciences. To encourage research activities and improve output to scholarship, it has associated itself with many research facilities such as the National Hellenic Research Foundation and the Foundation for Biomedical Research of the Academy of Athens.

  3. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Named after one of the greatest philosophers in the world, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is one of the largest universities in the region. Having been founded in the year 1925, it witnesses a huge influx of students around the year. Most of its programs are instructed in Greek, but there may be courses administered in other languages. With a total of 11 schools, you can choose courses from any of the many departments offered within them. These schools include the School of Exact Sciences, School of Health Sciences, School of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Environment, and School of Fine Arts. To encourage research among its students and faculty members, it has coordinated with a range of research facilities and has undertaken extensive research work. This is reflected in its rising stature so far as research output is concerned.

  4. University of Crete The University of Crete is a research-oriented university located on the namesake island and has been the center of academic excellence since its inception in the year 1973. There are 5 schools in total each of which has been divided into several departments. Over here, these schools include those of Philosophy, Education, Social, Economic, and Political Sciences, and Medicine. It exercises significant influence in research, both regionally and internationally, and has worked in close association with many reputed research organizations. All of its faculties and centers have been distributed across its two campuses both of which are known for being cultural centers in the country.

  5. University of the Aegean With spread-out campuses across the country, the University of the Aegean is definitely a place for myriad experiences. It was founded in the year 1984 and has been performing really well in terms of academic performance and research output. There are 5 schools here, and these include the School of Social Sciences, School of Environmental Studies, School of Business Studies, and School of Humanities. All of these schools have been further divided into many departments. Many associations have been entered into with research facilities such as the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest and the Research and Training Institute of the East Aegean.


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