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Turkish warship harasses research ship off Cyprus

The Nautical Geo has faced renewed harassment by Turkish warships since it entered Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ) on Sunday night.

The research ship of French interests is continuing exploratory activities for the EastMed pipeline’s possible sea route on behalf of Greece, Cyprus and Israel. According to informed sources, Turkish ships came dangerously close to the Nautical Geo at a distance of half a mile.

Meanwhile on Monday, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, stressed that “Greece must break the stereotype of a Balkan Turkish-central provincialism in its foreign policy” and that it must “open its wings to the new reality.”

Dendias stressed that in all his contacts in New York he pointed out that Turkey is moving beyond the framework of logic, but insisted that Greece responds to any provocative action with prudence and full respect for international law.

He also referred to Greece’s intention to cooperate with more regional organizations, such as SICA, which concerns the countries of Central America.


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