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Two school classes in Thessaloniki suspended due to coronavirus outbreak

Two primary school classes in Thessaloniki were suspended due to a large number of Covid-9 infections among the pupils, the Ministry of Education announced on Wednesday.

These are the first classes that close down due to the pandemic, just eight days after the start of the new school season on September 13.

The second grade class will remain closed until the end of the month, while the third grade is suspended until October 1.

According to the health protocols that have entered into force for the new school season, classes will be suspended when Covid-19 infections are confirmed in more than half (50%+1) of the students.

During the closure, the pupils will continue with distance learning.

Meanwhile, health experts and members of the Epidemiologists’ Committee have questioned the effectiveness of the 50+1 infections measure in classes with up to 25 children.

“The measure may be reviewed,” epidemiologist Marios Lazanas told Skai TV on Wednesday.

Alternative proposals have favored already last year smaller classes with up to 15 children.

However, the Education Ministry rejected them as this would make necessary the hiring of teachers and eventually also renting space in other buildings.


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