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Unvaccinated teens, children in Greece’s closed restaurants areas with negative test

Greece allows unvaccinated teenagers and children in closed restaurants areas provided they can prove a negative Rapid or Self-test, depending on the age group. A a ministerial decision ruled a day after the new restrictions for unvaccinated citizens went into effect on Monday.

According to the ministerial decision published in the Official Gazette on Tuesday morning allowed to closed dining spaces are also:

  • unvaccinated teenagers aged 12-17 with a negative Rapid Test carried out maximum 48 hours before the entry

  • children aged 4-11 with a negative self-test carried out max. 24 hours before entry.

The same preconditions reportedly apply also for playgrounds and for children 4-11 also for gyms.

Note that vaccinated, recovered and unvaccinated customers are allowed in the outdoors spaces of restaurants, cafes etc.

Rapid tests for travel and entertainment purposes are to be carried out only at private diagnostic facilities at a cost of 10 euros. A self-test is available at pharmacies for about 6-7 euros.

PS It is clear that families cannot be separated at Sunday lunch or during vacations, but the measure to exclude unvaccinated from closed dining, cafes etc is getting more and more absurd: those customers (vaccinated, Covid-recovered but possibly Covid-infected but asymptomatic) allowed inside will be served also by unvaccinated staff (2 rapid tests per week) and sit next to asymptomatic teens and children.


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