Vilia – The fire is out of control

The fiery front is over 10 kilometers long, destroying everything in its path. The fire in Keratea is in decline.

The situation because of the big fire in the area of ​​Vilia is dramatic. At night five more settlements were evacuated (Thea, Panorama, Paleochori, Paleokoundoura and Agia Sotira) and the nursing home “Panagia Faneromeni”, as the flames that spread on a large front approached residential areas burning dense and inaccessible virgin pine forest on Mount Patera.

In contrast, the fire is in recession in the municipality of Lavreotiki, where there are only scattered outbreaks within the perimeter.

With the first light of day, the air means started to operate, especially in Vilia, and in particular 6 helicopters and 5 aircraft, including the Russian Beriev-200. As far as the ground forces are concerned, 330 firefighters are operating, including eight (8) groups of on foot, 115 vehicles, the METPE (Motorized Special Operations Department), as well as the forces provided by the European Mechanism and Special Protection Policy. Poland is participating with 143 firefighters with 46 vehicles. The OLYMPUS Mobile Operational Center has been provided to assist in the coordination of forces.


In addition, the Defkalia Plan was activated and the Greek Army has as assistance 5 groups of infantry units. Assistance is also provided by many volunteer firefighters, construction equipment of the Greek Army as well as water tankers of the Region and the Local Government. The fire brigade is coordinated by the head of the Fire Brigade, Lieutenant General Stefanos Kolokouris.