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Wind energy power in Greece up 8.2% in 2021

Wind energy power in Greece totaled 4,451 MW in 2021 with 128 new wind turbines connected to the system, an investment totaling 340 million euros adding 338.3 MW of power, the Hellenic Wind Energy Association HWEA said in a report on Friday.

HWEA said total power in 2021 was up 8.2% compared with the previous year, but noted that the pandemic crisis and administrative hurdles significantly slowed the growth rate from 43% in 2020.

TERNA Energy with 703 MW (a market share of 15.8%), Ellaktor with 482 MW (10.8%), ENEL Green Power with 368 MW (8.3%), Iberdrola Rokas with 271 MW (6.1%) and EREN with 250 MW (5.6%) were the top players in the market, followed by EDF, Motor Oil, Mytilineos Group, PPC Renewables, Jasper Energy etc.


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