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A free app to help migrant students learn Greek

The ‘Greek-language programme and mediation services for minor third-country nationals’ (Mathainw Ellinika) is pleased to announce the development of a free mobile app to assist children learn Greek. ‘Mathainw Ellinika’ includes a selection of educational games that allow children to become more familiar with the everyday use of the Greek language, thereby improving their vocabulary and ability to understand both written and spoken Greek in a fun and engaging manner.

The app is available through the Google Play Store here, and children can use it to test and improve their language skills. Furthermore, teachers can incorporate it into their lessons to offer their students an interactive learning experience.

The app introduces children to the sounds, words and phrases that will lay the foundation for them to master the language, aiding them to follow their lessons and, most importantly, feel comfortable and integrate into the school community and Cypriot society. It is a unique and extremely helpful tool that expands and complements the support offered to migrant children (aged 6-12) by the ‘Mathainw Ellinika’ programme’s Greek language lessons and provision of mediation services.

The ‘Mathainw Ellinika’ project is being implemented by the research and education centre CARDET, in collaboration with Frederick University and INNOVADE, with the support of the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus’ Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports. The project is funded by the Migration and Asylum Fund for Integration and the Republic of Cyprus.


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