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Charges against 20 people spreading pandemic fake news, urging to disobedience

A public prosecutor in Athens has pressed charges against 20 people spreading fake news about the Covid-19 pandemic on internet and social media as well as inciting others to disobedience regarding protection measures.

The Cuber-crime Division of the Greek police has submitted to the prosecutor two file cases on Friday, state news agency amna reported.

The first case involves 15 people who advocated against the wearing of masks including in schools. One group was urging parents to “protest against the use of masks.”

The second cases concerns a website called “Indigenous Greek Natives” that was investigated for spreading fake news and also urging people not to comply with the protection measures against the virus. A 67-year-old pensioner and another four people have been identified as administrators of the site.

Last week, a lawyer who was urging people including Covid-19 patients to resist to intubation and also to file lawsuits against doctors and public institutions was recently detained by authorities. He was quickly released due to his lawyer status. However, the man will reportedly be on trial at a date yet to be set by judicial authorities.

Α medical doctor had reportedly his license revoked for 6 months by the Athens Medical Association, a month ago. The cardiologist, a pandemic-denier, became famous in the country for organizing anti-vaxxer protests in the summer and early autumn months.


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