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Dozens of staff at Athens biggest hospital tested positive, patients visitors banned

At least 92 members of the medical and nursing staff in Greece’s biggest hospital Evangelismos in Athens have tested positive for the coronavirus in recent days. The infected staff is sent to quarantine at home, while the management banned patients visitors for two weeks.

Evangelismos Hospital has restricted visitors for the next two weeks to emergency cases only, following coronavirus infections of doctors and nurses.

Of 3,400 staff at one of the major hospitals in Athens, 92 have contracted coronavirus. On Tuesday, 57 doctors and nursing staff will go into five-day isolations, while another 35 are returning from isolation, the hospital manager told media..

Hospital manager Anastasios Grigoropoulos told state-run news agency amna yesterday that a similar ban on visits was imposed in the past as well, to prevent transmitting the virus to patients.

He clarified that the medical staff were not infected at the hospital but in the community at large.

He added that many non-Covid patients contract the virus while being treated in hospital, testing negative when they are admitted and positive a few days later.

He said more members of the medical staff could end up infected causing even greater difficulties in the operation of the hospital.

Banning visits to non-Covid patients has a severe impact to patients depending on the help of their relatives for simple acts like eating, going to the bathroom, cleaning etc as these duties to provide help to are not part of the nursing staff in Greek hospitals since …always.

The situation has worsened since the government suspended a total of 6,000 hospital workers since last September for being unvaccinated.

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