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E-shop fined €70,000 for not delivering goods

An e-shop that accepted orders from customers but did not deliver the goods they ordered has been fined €70,000, the General Directorate of Consumer Protection announced on Wednesday.

The company was active mainly in October 2021 and had a presence on website that allowed customers to compare prices across different shops.

At the end of the same month, the company closed its offices in Keratsini, Attica, its website and its call center. It was also removed from the price comparison website following the first complaints from consumers about the non-delivery of products.

Consumers who ordered goods using a card or bank transfer did not receive the products.

The general directorate underlined that in such cases, it is easier for consumers who use a debit or credit card to order goods to seek reimbursement from banks than those who pay by bank transfer.


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