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European distinction for the Kapodistrias Museum in Corfu

The Kapodistrias Museum in Corfu entered the final phase together with 60 other top museums in Europe, claiming the European Museum of the Year Award, for 2022.

The award for European Museum of the Year is one of the most important institutions and is organized by European Museum Forum , under his auspices Council of Europe. The winners will be announced in a special ceremony at the European Museum Forum's annual conference in Estonian National Museum, in Tartu, Estonia (4-7 May 2022).

"We are very happy for this distinction," he told Athens 9.84, η Director - Curator of the Kapodistrias Museum, Daria Koskorou, noting that it is the only one from Greece that is claiming this important distinction for 2022. creative and extroverted approaches to their operation in strengthening and advancing society and in promoting the museum society ”.

The Kapodistria Museum - Center for Kapodistrian Studies

"The Kapodistria Museum - Center for Kapodistrian Studies founded in 1981 is a private initiative and is the only museum dedicated to the life, work and legacy of the First Governor of Greece Ioannis Kapodistrias ", says the Koskorou. "The Museum is housed in the holiday home and property of the Kapodistrias family in the middle of Corfu, known as "Koukouritsa", which has been declared a Historic Preserved Monument. He has also lived in this house Ioannis Kapodistrias, during his youth.

In 2017, however, we proceeded with a radical and substantial renewal of the Museum, with a new permanent biographical exhibition and new research, educational and entertainment services, to the public. Athat was our weapon for our candidacy. We were evaluated by the event, by visiting the museum but also by an evaluator, who visited it without knowing it ".

"The visitors of the Museum are offered an experiential experience, a journey through time" underlines the director of the Museum. "They are watching, through his unique collection and the Permanent Biographical Exhibition for Ioannis Kapodistrias. the course of his life, in a narrative that begins from his childhood in Corfu and culminates with his murder in Nafplio ".

"At the same time, short interviews are presented in the screening room 9 contemporary thinkers and academics, discussing the legacy left by Ioannis Kapodistrias. The history of the estate and the house of Koukouritsa of Kapodistrias and how it was turned into a Museum is also presented ".

"The garden is also used as a space for parallel recreational and educational activities of the Museum. There is an amazing cafe, which has even been distinguished for its architectural design. We are a very open museum to society. Also for our distant guests, there is the digital archive of Ioannis Kapodistrias with valuable data and original archival material for anyone interested, with free access "concludes the Ms Koskorou.

The Museum was founded after the donation of the summer house of Koukouritsa, by Marie Kapodistria Desylla, in three unions of the island, the Corfu Reading Society, the Corfu Philharmonic Society and the Corfu Studies Society.

Kalliopi Aslanidou


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