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First book in Serbian on the 1821 Greek war of independence presented in Belgrade

BELGRADE (ANA/N. Pelpas) --- The Greek Revolution of 1821, the foundation of the modern Greek state and Greek-Serbian relations up to the present day were the theme of an event organised by the Institute of European Studies in Belgrade. The seminar was held during the presentation of a book by the Serbian Ambassador to Greece, Dušan Spasojević, entitled:

"Greece. The War of Independence, the Creation of the State and the Rebirth of the Nation".

It is the first book written in Serbian about the Greek war of independence and the history of the modern Greek state.

"With this book, my intention was for my compatriots to learn the modern history of Greece. Until now there was no book in Serbian on the Greek Revolution," said Spasojević. "I wanted the Serbs to learn about the identity of the modern Greeks and become acquainted with a nation they love very much".


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