Greece: Aegean Boat Report dismisses claims of illegal activity

The non-governmental organization Aegean Boat Report has vehemently rejected accusations by Greek police that its members, along with those of other organizations, are involved in facilitating the illegal transfer of refugees and migrants to the Greek islands or that it was involved in espionage.
From file: Migrants walking outside their tents at the Karatepe refugee camp on Lesbos island, Greece | Photo: ARCHIVE/ EPA/VANGELIS PAPANTONIS

Aegean Boat Report, an organization that publishes information and photographs on the movements of migrants trying to reach the Greek islands from Turkey, has been at loggerheads with the Greek state in recent months due to an outspoken stance on Greece's policies on the migrant issue.

A case file compiled by Greek police on the northeast Aegean island of Lesbos and published in Greece contains allegations against 10 people, four of whom are nationals of Norway, the US and Britain, described as "members of an equal number of NGOs."