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Greece high on environmental taxes

Greece is amongst the EU States with the highest environmental tax revenue at nearly twice the EU average.

According to the latest data from Eurostat, EU environmental taxes accounted for 5.4% of the revenue from taxes and social contributions in 2020. This share varied significantly across EU Member States. Slovenia (12.3%), Latvia (10.1%), Bulgaria (9.9%) and Greece (9.1%) recorded the largest shares in the EU, whereas Germany (4.1%), Slovakia (4.0%) and Luxembourg (3.5%) recorded the smallest shares.

In 2020, environmental tax revenue in the EU amounted to €299.9 billion, corresponding to 2.2% of GDP.

For the first COVID-19 crisis year of 2020, the majority of the countries reported significant decreases in energy taxes compared with 2019. The typical range of decrease was between 5% and 15%.


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