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Greece’s First Dog Peanut bites State Minister; Perpetrator flees the scene

Lesson Number 2 in any journalists’ old school is that “Dog bites Man” is news not worth reporting. However, when the biting dog is called “Peanut” and belongs to the Prime Minister of the country and the victim is one of the cabinet ministers then it is certainly worth a few sentences for a news bite.

Dog Peanut has bitten the Minister of State Akis Skertsos at a meeting at the Prime Minister’s office on Wednesday.

According to sources present at the incident, Peanut bit the minister and fled the scene.

Further details were not leaked to the public as neither the minister, not the dog commented on the unprecedented incident.

The minister was reportedly surprised as he is known to be an animal lover.

According to reliable government sources, the incident was the dominant issue among government officials.

Some of them went so far to comment that the incident should in no case be underestimated, because one of dogs’ characteristics is “their infallible instinct.”

Some were also quick to attribute the Peanut-Sketsos argument to the fact that Greece’s First Dog has given his heart to another state minister.

Given the current political situation, the columnist big mouth on did not rule out that First Dog Peanut may start biting one minister every day, if some government officials keep “licking” the PM.

So far, Peanut has declined to bark on the issue. His motives remain a mystery.

However, Greeks were thrilled and created an ironic hashtag “We_Are_With_Peanut” as the appointed state minister often stands out with his much too arrogant statements.


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