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Greek author wins prestigious European Book Prize for the best novel in Europe

Greek novelist Christos A. Chomenidis has been awarded European Book Prize (Le Prix du Livre Européen) for his novel ‘Niki’ (Victory) with congratulatory messages coming from the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the Minister of Culture amongst others.

The European Book Prize, one of the the most important distinctions in the field of literature, was awarded by the committee to Chomenidis after recognising his novel as one of the leading literary works of our time.

“The awarding of the European Novel Prize to “Niki” is a Victory for Greece. Through art, our homeland can be re-introduced to the world. At the time of this great justification and joy, I think of my mother and father who were the first inspiration for “Victory”.

“I think of the teachers who gave me the lights. I think of the readers who have supported me for almost thirty years now. I thank my publisher Anna Pataki, who inspires me.

“I send a big kiss to my daughter’s peers young readers, through whom our new writers will emerge.

“Thank you very much!” wrote Chomenidis on a social media post.

Meanwhile the Minister for Culture Lina Mendoni also congratulated Chomenidis on his award in a post on social media, saying that Chomenidis’ work “honours Greek literature, honours Greece.”

“The awarding of the European Novel Prize to Christos Homenidis and “Niki” is a great distinction, not only for the author himself, who has won the appreciation of readers, critics and colleagues for years, but also for Greek literature. The work of Christos Chomenidis honours Greek literature, honours Greece. It was based on a Greek theme, the traumatic part of modern Greek history to create a fascinating and unifying novel. With his work, Christos Chomenidis turns the world to reading. With “Victory”, he turns the gaze of Europe to Greek Literature. “I express my warm congratulations and I believe that” Niki “will meet, in addition to the Greek, the international public.”

The Award Ceremony will take place in the European Parliament on 8 December 2021.


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