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Huge volcanic landslide identified on Santorini

Traces of the largest known volcanic landslide in the entire Mediterranean, with a volume of up to 125 cubic kilometers, have been discovered in the sea around the island of Santorini by Greek and foreign scientists.

The researchers’ new study, which was published in the international geosciences Basin Research journal, says that based on the abundant evidence left behind, experts can estimate that the landslide occurred some 700,000 years ago.

Santorini is where one of the world’s largest known eruptions of the last 12,000 years took place; it was during the Minoan era about 3,600 years ago.

Throughout its history, the island has experienced large explosions, caldera collapses and extensive lava formations.

However, significant landslides, in which large amounts of sediment and rocks slide into the sea and can cause tsunamis, had been almost unknown – until now.


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