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Ionian Islands Lead in Vaccination Rates

The island region is ahead of the rest of the country both in completed vaccinations and appointments set for vaccinations.

The Ionian Islands, which include Kefalonia, Corfu and Zakynthos, lead the country in vaccination rates against the coronavirus, Secretary General for Primary Care Marios Themistocleous said on Monday.

At the Ionian Island Region 55% of residents have received at least one dose and 47% have completed vaccination for Covid-19. The region is also ahead in appointments set for vaccinations, at 57% of residents.

Next in line is the South Aegean, with 52% (one dose) and 44% (completed), followed by Western Macedonia with 45% and 39%, respectively.

Central Greece – which includes Athens – has the lowest vaccination rates in Greece, with 39% of the population having had one dose and 31% having completed vaccination.

In the Peloponnese, rates are 41% and 32%, respectively, western Greece 40% and 32%, Eastern Macedonia & Thrace 39% and 32%, and North Aegean 39% and 32%.


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