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Mount Olympus: A “magnet” for the tourist market of Belgium and Serbia

Forms of thematic tourism related to nature and outdoor activities

The tourism product of Central Macedonia presents increased dynamics in the Belgian market, as evidenced by the participation of the Region in the international tourism exhibition “Salon des Vacances” held in Brussels. According to the Region, this trend started in recent years due to the direct flights Brussels-Thessaloniki that have already started, while from the beginning of April until the end of October there will be direct flights from Thessaloniki to Brussels.

In particular, Belgian tourists seem to be more interested in the thematic forms of tourism related to nature and outdoor activities, but also in cultural and historical tourism, while they showed particular interest in Mount Olympus and the rest of Central Macedonia, which have natural wealth. This group of tourists spends many days of family or individual vacations, in which they spend a large amount of money and are interested in experiencing authentic experiences, such as those of a visit to wineries.

The exhibition

The Region of Central Macedonia also participated in the “IFT” tourism exhibition in Belgrade, where it also showed increased tourist interest, due to the direct flights with Thessaloniki, but also the road approach to the Region. As it became known, Serbian tourists are still interested in a week-long vacation either by road or by air, while, due to the circumstances, they are also led to the choice of travel packages and travel mainly seasonally during the months of June to August. The areas of Thessaloniki, Halkidiki and Pieria had their honorary, due to the preference shown by Serbian visitors to the diptych “sun-sea”, without this meaning that they are not interested in other destinations in the area.


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