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Mykonos under curfew to Monday over jump in coronavirus infections

Authorities clamped down on popular Mykonos island with curfew and additional restrictions due to a sudden rise in coronavirus infections in the last few days, showing up in multiple chain infections and in clusters.

As of Saturday (July 17), the following measures go into effect:

- Circulation is banned from 01:00 at night to 06:00 in the morning, excepting work and serious health reasons.

- As of 18:00 on Saturday, music is banned entirely.

The restrictions are in place until 06:00 on Monday, when data will be reevaluated.

In addition, both on Mykonos and throughout Greece there is a ban on any activities requiring payment or any kind of exchange in private, non-professional spaces and involving over 20 people. Fines for these range from 50,000 to 200,000 euros for the person providing the private space.

"We call on residents, visitors and professionals of our beautiful island to observe the measures faithfully, and on island authorities to activate immediately means of information and of ensuring their application, so that the spread of the virus is controlled and contained soon and Mykonos returns to normalcy," Deputy Civil Protection Minister for Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias said.


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