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New online tools for taxman

By Prokopis Hatzinikolaou

Besides sparing taxpayers hours of waiting at tax offices, the new electronic platforms already operating and those set to be launched in 2022 will allow the tax administration to monitor the data that corporations and individuals declare more easily and in more detail.

Within a short period of time the tax administration managed to develop a new platform to assist the thousands of taxpayers wishing to transfer their property assets or cash amounts to their children or grandchildren, so that as many as possible could be served quickly and hassle-free.

The new instruments of the tax administration will contribute significantly toward containing tax evasion, especially that concerning indirect taxation. As of January 1, the way checking is implemented will change radically, with the automatic seizure of assets for tax debts, expanded cross-checking and the full utilization of data from online bookkeeping, the identification of uninsured vehicles or those whose owners have not paid road tax etc. The tax mechanism will also be interconnected with the General Commercial Register (GEMH) and will be able to pinpoint enterprises that have never submitted any tax declarations even after formally establishing their business.

For 2022 the business plan provides for new digital services, such as those for parental concessions and inheritance, the digital issue of tax clearance certificates, and the automatic withholding of debts.

Also significant is the introduction of the option for the payment of taxes and other dues through foreign credit and debit cards.

Among the innovations to come will be the activation of the new online system named “Eispraxis,” which will focus on the profile of each debtor and draw information on their income and property picture from all information systems of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue – i.e. Taxisnet, Taxis, Icisnet and Elenxis, and third parties such as GEMH and the National Cadaster. There will be a special online file for each individual debtor that will be updated in real time regarding the actions and the measures taken in each case.


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