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Paros: One of the most preferred tourist destinations for flights by private jets

From May to October 2021, according to data of the Hellenic Statistical Authority, over 21 million euros were collected in Paros

The “endurance” of the tourist destination of Paros during the pandemic is noted to the Athens Macedonian News Agency by the mayor of Paros, Mr. Markos Kovaios, emphasizing that with an average fall in 2020, at country level, more than 50% compared to 2019 and, despite the decrease by 40% of ferry services, the main quarter of the summer months of 2020 closed with a drop of only 20%. In the report made by the mayor of Paros, it is stated that the “endurance” of the destination was confirmed by the latest statistics, as, according to data from the Civil Aviation Authority, in the ten months of January-October 2021 at the airport of Paros, 92,399 passengers arrived.

Moreover, it should be noted that Paros was the only island of the Cyclades, in the last quarter of 2021, which, along with other island destinations, was among the most popular for flights by private jets, as the mayor explains. What do the data of the Hellenic Statistical Authority show?

Revealing in terms of the financial result of the past year are the data of the Hellenic Statistical Authority for the turnover in companies that were obliged to keep double-entry data of the accommodation sector for the period from May to October 2021, always according to Mr. Kovaios. Specifically, according to them, 21,177,973 euros were collected in Paros.

Additionally, in the quarter from June to August the following proceeds were recorded: in June the proceeds amounted to 1,807,031, in July 5,655,309 and in August 9,069,290 euros.

Paros was one of the most preferred tourist destinations even in November, where proceeds of 210,352 euros were recorded, as he explains. Satisfactory were also the conditions in the sector of restaurants and cafés. According to the Hellenic Statistical Authority data, the turnover of the third quarter of 2021 reached 38,303,518 euros, recording an increase of 104.7% compared to the same period of 2020.

Finally, regarding the strategy followed by the municipality during this specific tourist season, Mr. Kovaios stated that not only the general trends developed at times, were taken into account, but also the timing of the resurgence of demand from specific markets was also considered, according to the general policy exercised by the state with regard to bilateral relations.


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